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Subway is a fast-food concept whereby part of the experience is literally 'building' your choice sandwich. Unlike many fast-food restaurants where you simply order and go, in Subway, you exercise the freedom of choice by deciding which bread, what condiments and which veggies you would like in your sandwich! For those who abhor pickles or onions, here's your chance to totally leave it out of your sandwich without the person behind the counter rolling her eyes at your for ordering 'plain'.

They have a wide variety of choices, my favourites being the Cold Cut Trio and Chicken Breast! I love the freedom of being able to leave out mayonnaise and have sweet onion instead. The toasted bread is always extremely tasty. Despite not being a fan of breads and cookies, I found myself going back for more. It's good!

I'd suggest ordering out though, for the Subway outlets are more often than not, cramp and crowded. Also, it's always a messy affair eating a Subway sandwich, with bits and pieces of toppings falling out with each bite. Not a glamourous choice for a first date as well!
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