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Fast Food F farshafarsha April 05, 2012 1012
Average but healthy
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Subway is a place i will go occasionally for their subs, but it's not a place i go often as i think their subs are average.

In terms of pricing, their latest $5 combo meals (which consists of a sub and a drink) have make it more reasonably priced as compared to their normal set meals (which is a sub, a drink and two cookies / chips). This allows me to go for the cheaper option if i do not want to spend so much.

Subway has a number of bread for selection but i find that no matter which one i choose, i do not taste the difference between them. The bread taste ok but there's no indication of a freshly baked smell of flour. The meat choices are probably pretty standard, ham, mayo, tuna etc.

But of course, the main point about subway is their healthy way of eating. With so much different vege to add in, i will always ask the staff to give me all the veg into my sub. To me, the taste of eating all the vegetables probably outweigh the other parts of the sub. I would not recommend eating subway because of its great taste and so on, but for the healthy eating, by all means, do go for subway.
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