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Fast Food F farshafarsha April 05, 2012 985
Not really healthy
(Updated: June 05, 2013)
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Contrary to popular belief, subway is not a healthier choice. Here's why. The sauce that people lather onto their sandwich is high in calories. Sure, subway may offer you a less fatty sauce but no matter how much calories you can cut away, the fact remains that the sauce cancels out all the goodness that comes with the vegetables.

I used to think that subway was healthy and used it as a diet plan. I would buy a vegetable sub everyday and eat it for lunch. It was foolish of me to think that vegetable subs would help cut down calories.

After just a week, I realised I was suffering from severe hair loss and my doctor determined that it was due to the sauce in the subs. What I would recommend is that the next time you buy a sub, cut down on the sauces.
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