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Fast Food F farshafarsha April 03, 2012 1022
Old but gold
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At Pepper Lunch, you're allowed to DIY and cook the food yourself. You may choose to add as much sauce you want and have the option of adding cheese to your meal. Pepper lunch gives people the joy of cooking your own lunch and enjoying it afterwards. My favourite dish is the Pepper Steak as I have the choice of cooking and eating it well done, medium rare or rare, Although it isn’t very cheap - more than $10, it's tasty and delicious.

Pepper lunch can be found in food courts or as a stall on its own. I’ve tried the ones at United square food court and at Bedok Mall, and the standard of food is pretty constant. I would recommend Pepper Lunch to a group of friends who want to have a fun and informal get together over a meal!
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