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Fast Food L lydia-hunter January 11, 2016 560
Vegan Burg? What Vegan Burg?
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With the sudden and mysterious disappearance of my previous favourite vegan fast food chain, a whole was left in my heart. A soy, meat free burger shaped hole, that was recently filled by my discovery of the recently opened Clarke Quay branch of nomVnom. When I’m finally able to pick anything and everything off a restaurant’s menu I feel spoilt for choice, something that definitely happened here.

I finally went for the Nom Nom Burger, fries and Goro balls, even the burger was under $7 and I was sure that I had found vegan heaven. Even its presentation was amazing, it came on a wooden plate thing, super fancy, and the food looked exactly like the photo on the menu. The Goro balls weren’t as good as I had hoped, but the fries were probably some of the best that I’ve ever actually had and the burger patty was crunchy and a really good texture, something which fake meat burgers often get so wrong. Mind the little shot glass that comes with the meal, if you don’t like apple vinegar drink things, stay clear.

My boyfriend got the chocolate ice cream for dessert, he liked it but said that he has had better, but I got the Banana cake and I savoured every. Single. Bite. It was so soft and fluffy, and he little nuts on top went with the banana perfectly. It was also only $3.50 and a decent sized slab. I know that this will become my new favourite fast food joint, and I can’t wait to try every single piece on the menu.
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