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Nando's specialty is the sauces. There are 4 types varying in the intensity of their spice level. I always take the spiciest and even though it's hot and stings my tongue, I kept eating it as it's really nice. It's sour and has a special taste which I'm guessing comes from the herbs.

My choice of main course is always the quarter chicken which comes in two pieces. Sometimes I'd get the side dishes too. My two most frequent choices are the Spiced Rice and Peri Chips. I think there isn’t any one that wins the rest, so give all of them a try if you can and see which the one you like the most is! The chicken isn't too much and I wish they gave a bigger portion because it's not enough to fill me up. The sauce is the nicest part. I think the chicken is just okay but when coupled with the sauce, it's really nice. Actually I think all their food are just average but the sauce is what attracts people there.

It’s always filled with people though and I got tired of staying there real soon. Waiters kept shuffling about at our sides. One very bad thing at Nando’s is that they don’t serve water. You have to pay for a glass of water, which is probably taken straight from the tap! How ridiculous! I think it’s so horrible of them to not do the basic thing. The price of the water was unbelievable too: $3. This is so stupid.

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