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Nando's Hot
Fast Food M melody April 30, 2012 2254
A little overrated
(Updated: January 16, 2014)
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Nando seemed to be trending for a bit, few months back. Then, people were telling me it was as good as Kenny Roger's chicken and I just couldn't wait to try it! Kenny Rogers serves quality roasted chicken but could be a little bit costly.

Many told me that Nando's was the cheaper alternative that tastes just as good.

When I tried for the very first time -roasted chicken drizzled with Peri Peri sauce-, I could only conclude it was just.. average. The chicken was a measly part served on a large plate, garlic bread on the side. It looked a little pathetic.

They had a lot of sauces available at the condiment bar and I tried out every one of them in attempts to make my meal more satisfying. Unfortunately, they are more of an acquired taste. I couldn't get used to the foreign mix of spices in them.

It definitely is cheaper but I'd rather pay more for succulent and generous portions of chicken at Kenny Rogers.
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