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I think I am in a love-hate relationship. Not someone, but Udon. I am crazily in love with udon. So the first time I saw Men Men Don Don, I smiled, eyes enlarged and sparkled and my heart rate increased. UDON!

My first bite into the udon, smooth and tendon. It slips gently and quickly down my throat. Heaven. Makes me want more and more.

However, as I gobble down half the portion, this pinching feeling in my tongue is getting more unbearable. I need water. The soup was very very salty. I almost thought I had drank diluted seawater taken from just Pasir Ris Park next to it (I was at the White Sand mall branch).

I had tried their different flavours of Udon and Ramen, always giving a chance, hoping that this Udon I am going to try will not pinch my tongue again. Well, it still does, everytime. Despite the soup always failing my expectation, I will still patronise whenever I crave for a fast takeaway Udon.

The staffs prepare the food quickly, especially when the queue is very long. Even so, they are always smiling despite seeing tiredness in their eyes. Admirable. Really appreciate their services to make our meals more enjoyable. The shops are usually small with only 3 or 4 tables available for customers to eat it there. Furthermore, with the long queue of people always looking at them while they it, I feel a little uncomfortalbe for them too.Who would want people looking/staring at you while you try to savour your favourite food. Hence, I will always takeaway unless there is not much people around.

I would urge everyone to still give their Udon a try (even though it's not very healthy) and drink lots of water. It will be fine if you eat it once in a while.

I would prefer if I feedback to them about the degree of saltiness and of course, to serve healthier choices. This will attract more health concious customers too!
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