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Fast Food S stooffi November 12, 2012 985
Great idea!
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One of my friends brought me and another friend to eat Maki San for the first time. As we were trying the sushi there for the first time, we stared cluelessly at the board and at the counter staff until they pointed out the order forms to us. Oops.

Once we got the order forms we were overwhelmed. So many ingredients to put in my sushi and I can only pick 3??? This can be considered a first-world problem, really. Choosing which 3 ingredients to put into your sushi out of a huge array of options. After a really long time, I finally chose my 3 ingredients and placed my order.

When the sushi came, the portion was larger than I expected and by the time I was done, I was surprisingly full. The taste of the sushi was average but I suppose that the interesting concept made up for it.

Overall I think it's a pretty cool place to eat once in awhile. I also think that the $6.90 sushi (3 ingredients) is more worth it than the $9.90 sushi (5 ingredients) because I don't think you can really taste THAT much of a difference with 2 more ingredients - and it'll cost $3 more.
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