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Big and succulent chicken cutlets
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I couldn't help comparing the chicken cutlet from Hot Star to that of Shilin's. Afterall, both companies offer Taiwanese street snacks, with the chicken cutlet being the most popular item. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the chicken cutlet from Hot Star was considerably larger and thicker in size compared to that of Shilin's. Also, in order to retain the authentic style of Taiwanese chicken cutlets, they do not cut the chicken and serve it to customers with the piece as a whole.

The meat is thick and succulent and combined with the unique flavouring of batter (you can choose from a few different batter flavours such as lemon, seaweed or sour plum), it definitely makes for quite a delicious snack. However, as the chicken is not cut up, it can be quite a hassle and slightly messy if you are eating it while on the go. It is also rather greasy but that is expected of deep fried food.

Besides chicken cutlets, they also offer a variety of Taiwanese snacks such as sweet potato fries, tempura, fried mushrooms, flavoured fries, iced teas and other finger food. While I've heard that one occasionally has to wait for some time for the food to be prepared, I've had a good experience so far and have noticed that the staff are very efficient in cooking and serving.

This being the original Taiwanese chicken cutlet stall from Shilin, Taiwan, I would say that the cutlets here taste very authentic and are also very value for money. Something I don't like about their cutlets though, is that there is a piece of bone wedged in the bottom of the cutlet but I suppose that adds to the authenticity of the chicken.

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