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Fast Food L lizzzie July 05, 2012 1060
4 Fingers deserves less than 4 stars
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When I think of fried chicken, I think of golden brown, crunchy skin - which isn’t what I found in 4 Fingers. But okay, I tried to be open-minded - but eventually still failed to see what was so amazing about 4 Fingers fried chicken.

Upon arrival, I sent a quick distress text to someone who was a self-proclaimed 4 Fingers fanatic: “HELP, what do I get at 4 Fingers?!” Deciding to heed her advice, I got the Soy Garlic Chicken Drumsticks, which wasn’t all that mind-blowing. As I lacklusterly chewed on the drumsticks, I murmured to my friend that KFC was much better, which he agreed with wholeheartedly. Meanwhile, 4 Fingers Fanatic Friend was probably metaphorically being stabbed in the heart. Multiple times. As we considered the prospect of having KFC after this disappointing meal.

Calm down, fans. I don’t have anything against 4 Fingers, I probably just didn’t like the type of chicken that 4 Fingers offers. But if you like your chicken more flavorful than crispy, then this might be a place to consider.
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