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Fast Food A aravind March 29, 2012 1779
I'm an Ajisen Ramen Fen
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People look at me weird whenever I declare to be craving for Ajisen Ramen, murmuring things like how they serve the worst ramen in the country. Maybe I haven’t tried enough ramen places to cast judgement, but right now, I’m perfectly contented with what Ajisen has to offer.

I love Ajisen for its delicious soup, and it is mainly the taste of the soup I crave whenever I visit this place. Ajisen’s Tonkotsu soup isn’t too salty, and tastes great with the generous portion of ramen noodles and thick slabs of Cha Shu given for the Cha Shu Ramen. I usually sprinkle a liberal amount of chilli powder into my soup to tailor the amount of spice I wanted, since the Spicy Cha Shu Ramen was far too spicy for my liking.

With their set meal, you’d get to enjoy a side dish as well as a glass of Ice Lemon Tea, which are worth your money. Do get their steamed gyoza - provided they aren’t out of stock as they frequently are!

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