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Yogurt J johnathan-yeo May 17, 2014 100
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There is also a special promotion for students, where the base yogurt costs only $2 and $3 respectively for small and medium sizes. The first time I saw the store I really was in shock because, let's face it, $2 or $3 yogurt is really unbelievable. And I love frozen yogurt. So I told myself, what the heck, it's dirt cheap. What would I regret?

I went ahead, picked three toppings (all of them were either fruits,eg strawberries and kiwis, or nuts) and ended up with a yogurt costing barely $5.40. Incredible. For those who aren't as health conscious as me, toppings include chocolate rice and oreos, along with hersheys chocolate sauce.

So anyway, this is now my favourite yogurt store, and they even have a loyalty card, with a free yogurt after 10 orders. For the yogurt lovers, this is a place not to be missed.

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