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Yami yogurt is one of the cheaper yogurt chains out there at $2.30 for their smallest cup. However, I do not feel that their yogurt is up to standard and I would rather pay more at another shop to get better quality yogurt.

Not only is the taste not especially fulfilling, but the portion is tiny as well. For a dollar more, you can get a much larger portion at most other yogurt shops. Once, I bought yami yogurt together with my friend and she was sorely disappointed when the lady simply took a cup of yoghurt out of the fridge and gave it to her! Although it was still edible, it was more frozen than usual and did not have a creamy texture so she had to scrape it to eat it. This spoiled her mood and she felt totally cheated!

Their toppings are also cheaper than other shops though, and they give around the same quantity. Another good point is that they always have a wide range of flavours such as Peach and Pineapple, although I do not really like most of the flavours. This is a personal preference so perhaps there are others out there who like them.

I feel that I would rather pay more for a better tasting, creamy and bigger cup of plain yoghurt than go for Yami Yoghurt’s tiny portions.

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