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Having tried the various brands of frozen yogurts available in Singapore, I personally feel Yami Yogurt offers one of the better tasting and value for money yogurts. You can choose from three sizes of cups; regular, medium and large with the regular cup costing only $2.30. The yogurt fills the cups right to the top and I feel the servings are pretty generous. They also have a huge range of toppings to choose from which are not as expensive as other yogurt shops. The downside is that they are usually only four yogurt flavours to choose from at any given time.

Like most yogurt and ice cream shops, samples are readily given when requested. One thing I noticed about Yami though, is that instead of giving you a half spoonful of product that you requested to try, they sample their yogurts in little cups. It was refreshing to notice how generous that comes across. If you are new to frozen yogurt, I would suggest trying the peach flavoured one as the taste is mild but not too plain like the original ones. Some toppings you can add along with your yogurt are fruit pebbles which are colourful sugared cereal. If you want something healthier, you can go for the raisins or mueslis. Alternatively, you may also choose fruits like kiwi and honeydew as a topping.

Yami yogurt is a great alternative to other sweet (and usually unhealthy) desserts such as ice cream. Combined with the good bacteria and live cultures, frozen yogurt make a healthier choice.

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