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Yogurt A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 878
Lovely toppings!
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Yami yoghurt or I would personally call it Yummy Yoghurt is a yoghurt-chain that truly exemplifies the word ‘refreshing’!

Being one of the best makers of frozen yoghurt, customers are given 3 yoghurt flavors to choose from aside from the original flavor. There will also be new flavors of the month and as usual it tastes great when accompanied with the various toppings available! Still, while I declare my love for the peach flavored yoghurt (makes one feel like getting the real peach itself) I love the original/natural flavor all the same. Slightly sour but still melts in your tongue with a cooling- feeling! Love it when I eat it with toppings of ‘fruit pebbles’ or raisins - the blend of a slightly sour, sweet and fruity taste does give the tongue quite an excitement!

As for the outlets, they are all quite small, so if you’re just with that one buddy, it would be nice to sit and chat while enjoying your yoghurt. Typically found in many shopping malls too, (the one at lot 1 shopping mall has no seats though) Otherwise, simply take away! Yami yoghurt is quite the option when u feel like having dessert or wish to replace that fatty ice cream u crave to enjoy- because yoghurt is a healthier alternative after all!

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