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Yogurt A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 883
Best loved yogurt!
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The only yogurt store I'd visit repeatedly. I first got introduced to Yami when I was just strolling about with some friends at Orchard. One of them then wanted to get a tub, I repeat, a TUB. She says that's how good she thinks it is and how she likes it so much!

Then, I was rather taken aback because in the past, I can't really differentiate between all the yogurt stores, they simply taste the same but all my friends were going on about which tastes milkier, which is more pricey, which one has more of that ice-cream texture.

My first taste of Yami, had me going "Whoopwhoop!". It was really good, much better than my previous tries at other frozen yogurt stalls. It isn't really of the ice-cream consistency, but I love the milky taste it brings. Price-wise, not one bit over-the-roof!

Their Peach flavor rocks my socks!

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