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Yogurt T tammyc July 30, 2012 441
Way under-rated and needs greater exposure
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I bought my 2 kids a treat as we passed by this shop at Compass Point.

They were having a promotion: $5.50 for a medium cup and 3 toppings. The youghurt I have no complaints. The honey yoghurt was something you don't get very often elsewhere.

But what I did like was the presentation. Most other places would lump all the toppings on top of the yoghurt mountain. Here, they fill half of the cup and put in a layer of topping which usually would be the wet topping first. Then they add more yoghurt and finish off with the drier toppings and everything fits the cup quite nicely.

Price and taste is good, like most other competitors but I'd give them points for the innovative presentation.

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