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I believe Frolick is one of the first few yoghurt cafes that kicked off the whole 'froyo' craze in Singapore a few years ago. I also had my very first froyo from Froilck after recommendation from my JC friends. We used to go to Serangoon Garden to have dinner after school, and we'll always complete our dinner with frozen yoghurt at Frolick!

Frolick cafe itself is small, housing only a few tables and stools. Usually, people would simply take away their yoghurt since it's just a small cup and fuss-free, but my friends and I actually enjoy having our yoghurt in the shop itself. The shop is often clean and neat, with arty farty designs on the wall and nice music in the background. However, since it's mostly frequented by students and teenagers, it gets a tad noisy at times. There isn't a lot of room in the shop as well so it is difficult to find a seat if you are in a big group.

The yoghurt itself is nice, but it melts a little too quickly in my opinion. If you do not eat it fast enough, it will end up melting into a puddle of yoghurt-water instead. Therefore, although they offer take-home packs, I recommend you to enjoy its goodness on the spot or immediately after purchase! Don't let the goodness go to waste.
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