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Snacks & Confectionery A averlynn-lim December 29, 2012 689
Heavenly chocolate!
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I've always wondered how could chocolate at Royce's be so expensive when we could always buy cheaper ones elsewhere. But when I bit into my first piece of Royce chocolate, I immediately understood why people were willing to pay so much for chocolate.

Royce sells gourmet chocolate, and the items are really of high quality. One special point about Royce chocolate is that they have to be kept refrigerated, which enhances the taste of chocolate when we eat them afterwards. My favourite item is the Champagne nama chocolate, which is chocolate with a fragrant hint of champagne. It tastes absolutely heavenly, so much that I can probably finish one whole box of these fine chocolates by myself.

Other than nama chocolates, Royce also sells potato chips coated with chocolate, which looks and sounds really interesting. But really, go for the name chocolates, they're the best. Ever.
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