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Snacks & Confectionery A averlynn-lim December 29, 2012 689
High-class chocolate comes with a price
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Cut into thin, plain squares with no decoration but a dusting of cocoa powder, their gourmet chocolate may seem like nothing much at first, but a taste of one piece will send even the most hardened person into spasms of ecstasy. It's richness is perfect; rich enough to make one crave for more, but not so much that it makes one feel queasy. The chocolate literally melts in your mouth, and I've never seen anyone talk while the the chocolate is in their mouth, since they're usually concentrating on savouring every piece to the fullest.

This might have something to do with the refined taste of the chocolates, but their pricetag also ensures that many try to get the most out of every piece of the delectable confections. A single small box can cost more than $15 (each small square of chocolate costs more than $0.60 for sure). Due to this, they're classified as "high-class" (by which I mean not something you can simply snack on. Well, unless you're a millionaire). However, they are perfect as gifts for special occasions for loved ones (they definitely prove your sincerity), or can serve as an occasional indulgement.

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