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Snacks & Confectionery A averlynn-lim December 29, 2012 769
Classy chocolates, classy price
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This is definitely not your regular off the shelf chocolate. The moment the chocolate enters your mouth it melts into a sinfully rich and creamy liquid, the smoothness of the cocoa butter fuses with the strong cocoa tast to make a perfect piece of treat.

They also sell a chocolate potato chip, which is the ultimate desire of any junk food addict, chocolate and chips are combined into one sweet yet slightly salty snack.

All these goodies come at quite a price, a box of chocolates could easily set you back $15. Their service at the outlets I have visited so far is good in a way that the staff attends to you fully and caters to your needs, but in turn that makes service efficiency a little on the downside.
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