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Snacks & Confectionery A averlynn-lim December 29, 2012 760
The *obviously better* alternative to Godiva
(Updated: January 04, 2013)
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If you're going to get chocolates for someone's birthday gift, you can't do better than getting him or her a box of Royce. Royce Chocolate trumps the likes of Cadbury (and the likes of *ahem* Godiva and Lindt) any time. And your friend who gets a box of Royce from you will probably be delighted to know that he's worth more than the chocolates on the supermarket shelves (including Godiva and Lindt).

Now, about the chocolates, I highly, highly, recommend their Nama Chocolate series which, generally speaking, is rich, dense, creamy, and luxuriant, and which is perhaps Royce's best product. They have just the right chocolate for almost all kinds of chocolate lovers and which of the Nama Chocolate series is best for you will depend on your own personal tastes. If you have what I might call a "mature" palate, go for the dark, bitter variety or the ones with alcohol content. If, like me, you have kid's palate and a sweet tooth, go for their Au Lait or white variety. Personally, however, my favourite is the Matcha variety. I am a huge fan of Matcha. And, unlike many matcha-themed desserts, be it chocolates or ice cream, elsewhere, Royce's Matcha Nama Chocolate does not disappoint. Each neat square is a perfect combo of the characteristic creamy decadence of the regular Nama chocolate and the robust, unmistakable flavour of matcha -- its semi-sweetness, its hint of tannic bitterness, and its light floral quality. It's personally one of my favourite, most memorable Matcha-themed desserts and, if someone doesn't stop me, I might just down a whole box at a go.

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