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Snacks & Confectionery M melody May 13, 2012 3158
Great dessert; but rather expensive
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I've been eating Ritz Apple Strudel for years now, my dad used to buy it home as a special treat, and now I go there and buy it back for my parents sometimes to surprise them, it is my mum's favorite desert.

I've tried two flavors so far. The classic apple strudel is really just delicious; it is layers of puff pastry, sandwiched with soft apples bathed in pastry cream and custard. The very top of the puff pastry in the strudel is glazed with sugar or syrup and so it adds that crunchy texture in contrast to the soft cream. The apples are not too soft, still with some bite to them, and the dessert is not overly filled with cream such that it sickens you. If you do not like custard though, you may not like this very much. It is best eaten on the first day (don't feel guilty, just finish it!), you can keep it in the fridge for a few days but even overnight you can taste the difference as the puff pastry begins to absorb the moisture from the cream and become slightly soft rather than crunchy.

The other flavor that I tried is the mango strudel. It is also really good and a good change if you have only been eating the apple strudel. The mango is fresh and juicy and still goes well with the custard and pastry. Somehow I also felt that the mango strudel is less sweet than the apple strudel, which I prefer. My mum's favorite is still the apple strudel though so I still buy that!

I usually buy it home to share with my family, but there the shop has quite a big sitting area. When I go on a weekday afternoon, the place is usually empty and quiet so it seems like a good place to have a meeting, especially when you want to talk!

In the past few years I think they have raised the price and it is a tad expensive for my liking. Having said that, I have trawled all over to find a recipe to make this kind of strudel (there is another kind of apple strudel which is more like a pie) and have not found it! It is still therefore a unique desert and a great treat!

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