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Snacks & Confectionery M melody May 13, 2012 3158
Good Apple Strudel
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Ritz Apple Strudel is up there with some of my favourite desserts. Crispy pastry filled with sweet cream and slightly tangy apple bits to offset the sweetness - the perfect dessert to end of the night. My favourite part is the carmelised crust of the pastry. If it wasn’t for the caramelised crust, the apple strudel probably won’t be half as nice! After years of eating Ritz Apple Strudel, one hack I discovered would be to buy the mini strudel instead of the full sized one because the caramelised crust to strudel ratio is greater.

I’ve tried their durian strudel before too. It’s not bad but it just tastes like a crispy durian puff on steroids. The apple strudel still remains my favourite out of all the different flavours. Indeed, the original is always the best.

Although the initial hype when Ritz Apple Strudel first set up shop in Singapore has died down, there still remains a constant demand for these pastries. With so many outlets peppering our sunny island of Singapore, it has become really easy to grab one on the go!
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