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Snacks & Confectionery M melody May 13, 2012 3146
great for a dessert or afternoon snack
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Although there is a wide range of different flavoured strudels sold at Ritz Apple Strudel, I still think that the best tasting one will be the apple strudel. The crust of the strudel is crunchy and the apple filling is soft. However, the height of the strudel is rather thick, and it is difficult to cut straight through it and I prefer splitting it into half before savoring each portion. The half loaf serves about four people, as the strudel can be too sweet to eat in excessive amounts. Each small slice makes a good dessert or a light afternoon snack.

Ritz Apple Strudel also sells other desserts, like cakes and beverages at its fixed outlets. There are times when a temporary stall is set up in the heartlands, which is where I usually get my strudel fix. The quality of the strudels is as good and delicious. Best part, there is often no queue; although they have limited stock at these various makeshift outlets and sometimes I have to make do with the mango strudel instead.
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