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Snacks & Confectionery M melody May 13, 2012 3146
More than just apples
(Updated: November 30, 2014)
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The first time one of my friends bought from Ritz Apple Strudel, I thought they only sold apple strudels until I came across one of their stores. They have got more than apples to offer; mango, blueberry and durian, just to name a few.

Prices go from S$12.50 for half a loaf up to S$23.50 for a full loaf. While there are more unique flavours such as durian and chocolate cost slightly more than the others. Fret not if you are looking for a smaller portion for yourself, there is a mini version to this strudel with prices starting from S$4.50 each.

If you are into baking, search up recipes for strudels to bake and you will realize that the end-product tastes similar to those at Ritz. Easy to make, just time consuming. The strudels by Ritz Apple Strudel are good if you do not have the time to bake yourself at home.

At Ritz Apple Strudel, they sell more than just strudels. You can expect to find apple crumble, tiramisu and brownies. They do take orders for parties or events. Just enquire at the counter or their website. It is guaranteed with no trans-fat or additional preservatives, sounds good enough to convince myself to go back for more.
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