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Snacks & Confectionery M melody May 13, 2012 3418
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When someone mentions about apple strudel, the first place that comes into my mind would be Ritz. It has created a strong apple strudel following with its good and delicious apple strudels.

The strudel pastry is crispy and light and in between lies layers of caramelized apples and whipped cream. I usually prefer to eat the strudels at home to prevent a big mess from happening. These strudels break easily and if you are not careful, the small bits can get all over your clothes and in between your teeth. Not a nice sight to be caught with in public. At home, you can also cut the strudel with a sharper knife to cut it more precisely. If you do not cut properly, the whole strudel will topple and you will find yourself eating the strudel separately from the apples and cream. The best is to have them all together in a single bite. The taste resulting from the combination from all these ingredients together is a nice and refreshing taste.

Tip: The strudel is best eaten cold because of the cream in it. The cold feeling of the strudel will also make it more refreshing as opposed to leaving it in room temperature. The strudels are also best eaten soon once bought if not the pastry will harden if left for too long!

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