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Snacks & Confectionery M melody May 13, 2012 3412
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The first time I tasted this sweet pastry with crispy apple filling, it was like tasting a slice of heaven. It had just the right mix of everything, the sweet taste that was not too overwhelming, the soft crunchy apples that were not too sweet. Everything. Little did I know that that was my introduction to Ritz Apple Strudel.

Years ago, when the franchise first opened it was a hit in Singapore where people literally ordered to get their hands on the apple strudels. Today, it is much tamer and much less of a hype than what it used to be. Its outlets are still open nonetheless, although there may not be that many people around during its off-peak periods. Besides apple strudel, the cafe also has other food items like the regular western food menu or light pastries. For a tea-time snack of a timely sweet lunch, this would be the ideal place to go to for its apple strudel.

However, it is much more of a dessert than a main course as having too much of it may tend to make one feel a little sick. A nice alternative to the regular cakes, this strudel is definitely still deserving of my two-thumbs up.

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