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Who stole the bite?
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Spider-man stole a bite at Old Chang Kee’s famous curry puff.
See! That’s how delicious the curry puffs are!

But wait, was it eight legged or six legged? It was an unidentified cockroach nymph looking insect that even Singapore’s laboratory specialist couldn’t decide what it was.
This incident happened right after the company was featured in a company workfare variety show that meant to boost up the company’s image. Seems like it backfired and served a double blow.

And as usual, the approach Singapore government organizations or most businessmen adopt is to go missing-in-action and soon the insect affair will be forgotten. Yes, it’s been forgotten.

Netizens are busy digging out high-profile men involved in the latest underage prostitute scandal. Meanwhile, patrons are approaching the irresistible curry puffs again, but with more cautious attempts when chomping into the fillings.

Items I do recommend at Old Chang Kee are their –
Fried Sotong (3 kinds)
Spicy Fried Sotong
Sotong Balls
Curry puffs (Humongous fillings)
Cheese Sausage

The fried prawns taste really delicious but it’s actually more flour than prawn. While the chicken nuggets are dry and hard, the tapioca cake is very tasty and less oily than those you grab from markets.

Do remember to top them up with the Sambal Chili. Sedap!

If you are looking for small bites, this is a place to head too. If not, they are costly if you buy a lot of them as a meal. I wish the prices are lower.
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