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Old Chang Kee is a name that rings a bell for all Singaporeans. It is commonly located in shopping malls of the heartlands and has been famous for its curry puffs for a very long time. The shops have an antique and vintage feel to it, especially the outlet at Bugis Junction. It makes consumers like us feel that we have time-travelled to the older days.

Many people often patronize Old Chang Kee for its fried snacks besides curry puffs. Some popular snacks are the fried squid head, fishballs, sotong balls and yam pie. Long queues can be seen in the morning as some outlets sell breakfast such as nasi lemak. Thus, you can say that it is catered to locals' tastebuds. Also, I must say that the quality of the food did not drop throughout the years and new items were even introduced to allow consumers to have greater choices.

So why not head down to the nearest shopping mall and grab some tasty snacks from Old Chang Kee now?

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