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Snacks & Confectionery A alleys-scavenger April 17, 2012 393
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Old Chang Kee is well known for its curry puffs. I like the curry puffs very much as well. The texture of the skin is crispy and the edges are nice to chew into. You can taste the nice aroma of the dough that is used to make the skin. Inside the puff, the curry potatoes are mixed with a tinge of spices which adds a nice spicy flavour and the potatoes are not too mashed up.

Besides the puff, my personal favourites are the sotong heads, and sotong bodies/wings (i think they change the name recently) and their chicken wings. All these items are deep fried with a batter that has a tinge of curry powder which i find it very tasty, but i must say that as the deep frying is done by the staff at the outlet, there are always some discrepancies in the quality every now and then. There was even a period where i stop eating as the batter for the sotong became all soft and soggy. But the chicken wings are succulent with the meat juices still trapped inside the skin. This is one of the best wings i eaten from stalls that are similar to old chang kee. Cheap great snack but not too much, its fattening.
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