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Old Chang Kee has been an old time favourite with my family and I. Whenever we visit an unfamiliar place, and see an outlet there, we would naturally gravitate toward it.

Although many items at Old Chang Kee are very good, my all time favourite has to be the curry puff. Seldom can you find better quality curry puffs than the ones sold here. The skin of the curry puff is not too thick, not too thin, just the right thickness so that it is delightfully crispy. The filling in the curry puff is very good, the curry just mild enough for you to feel shiok, the potatoes big and chunky, and the occasional sliver of chicken.

One thing I really like about Old Chang Kee is that they actually put in about 1/8 of a hard-boiled egg in the curry puffs. These days, many commercialised stores leave this out. However, over the years, the price has gone up and the amount of filling inside has gone down. This is rather disappointing for hardcore fans, but to me, who enjoys a good curry puff for a snack, it is still acceptable.

Of course, Old Chang Kee does not only sell curry puffs. They also sell a wide range of fried foods like sardine puffs, sotong sticks, fishballs etc. All of them are quite delectable and are definitely worth trying when you have a craving.

Old Chang Kee is the place to go for reasonably priced fried foods. Do keep in mind that Old Chang Kee was better in the past though, when it was not so old!

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