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Oil, oil and more oil
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Offering only fried food as their specialty, Old Chang Kee is a great stopover for fried food lovers.
There is no doubt that one would be easily hooked on their items once they try it. The reason being was not because it tasted delicious or cause it's dirt cheap. It's actually because it's convenient.
With such hectic lifestyle which we are living it's no wonder we looked for the easiest way to satisfy our appetite. With Old Chang Kee, we can simply choose our finger food, pay for our stuff and get out of the queue within 30 seconds. On top of that we can eat on the go.

The only catch on this whole thing is that, these delicious food item which we are consuming are packed with layers and layers of oil.Not very healthy, isn't it?
Although their items are not very healthy, as a victim of Old Chang Kee, I still tend to indulge in their spring rolls, cheese balls, fried gyoza and curry puff from time to time.

Overall, I would say that Old Chang Kee is edible but for your health sake please don't consume them everyday.

Note: You don't want to be one of the last people to buy their leftover items for you are paying the original price for their cold, dry and burned leftovers.

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Curry puff
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