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For the chocolate lovers~
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I have only been to Max Brenner Chocolate Bar once at Vivo City a couple of years ago, but till this day, I can clearly remember the delightful chocolatey experience I had back then. The outlet at Vivo is rather small and can be cramp if there is too many people, but thankfully during the time I went, there was hardly anyone there.

Ordered their marshmallow crepe, and it was AMAZING. Fell in love with it at first sight, and well in love with it further at first bite! Hot gooey melted marshmallows wrapped with a crepe, and decorated with chocolate sauce and gummy bears, appealing and irresistible. Can never forget the taste, and have even tried to recreate my own marshmallow crepe at home, but I fail so badly at cooking, and the outcome was bad.

Unfortunately, when I went to Vivo City recently, I went to take a look at Max Brenner's menu and realized that the marshmallow crepe dish was GONE. Thank goodness I got to try it once, but I am sad that it is no longer in the menu. I guess that this will open more doors to their other dishes, and I definitely wanna give their drinks a try next time I visit Max Brenner Chocolate Bar.

I will have to warn you that the prices are killer. Majority of their items cost more than $10, and their drinks cost around $6 and up, if I remember correctly. But there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to a plateful of chocolatey awesomeness every once in a while, right? ;)

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Vivo City
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