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Snacks & Confectionery F farshafarsha April 04, 2012 418
Chocolate heaven
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Everyone deserves a good treat. A good chocolate treat. What’s a better place than Max Brenner for all the chocolate lovers out there.

Max Brenner has one of the most delicious waffles in Singapore and it MAY be one of the most expensive waffles as well. If you happen to pop by Max Brenner and yet has no cravings for waffles, I suggest you try their hot chocolate. They serve excellent hot chocolate which are rich, thick and smooth. Unlike most places which serve hot chocolate that tastes like hot milo. The hot chocolate is served in this hug mug which looks extremely cute. There are also marshmellows served on top of the hot chocolate. Ahhh.... extremely gratifying on a cold rainy day.

We visited the outlet at Vivocity which is smack right beside Gelare. We contemplated for a while before we decided on forgoing the Tuesday half price promotion at Gelare and ended up spending about twice the amount we would spend in Gelare. In terms of the texture of the waffles, it is thick and flffy, hot and yummy. It took quite some time for the waffles to arrive. Unlike places like gelare and udders, the waffles at Max Brenner are served with caramel and nuts. It is simply delectable.

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