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Chocolate heaven!
(Updated: May 08, 2012)
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For every chocolate lover out there, Max Brenner's has to be a chocolate heaven. I usually go to the one at the Esplanade, and what would always fascinate me was the huge mountain of chocolate displayed at the counter. I don't know if they actually use it or its just for display purposes, but whatever its use, they sure know how to catch your eye and your stomach :)

There is one dish that i have to get at Max Brenner's- their belgian waffles. Imagine this- hot and fluffy waffles piled high with with fat plump bananas, juicy ripe strawberries and a scoop of divine vanilla ice cream and as if that were insufficient, they give you this little bottle of chocolate sauce to pour over your waffles! Divine!!! The only gripe i have is the scoop of ice cream is too small! I need more! :)

The price for chocolate here, however, can be quite steep. Hence, this is a place i go to during special occasions or if i really want to reward myself.

The decor of Max Brenner's at the Esplanade makes it a good place to chill out and people watch. Large glass panels means full excess to people passing by. The shop itself is filled with chocolate brown hues, adhering to the chocolate theme that they pride themselves by. It is also a lovely place to read a book or just relax. LIfe can never go wrong while drinking a cup of hot chocolate. :)

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