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Sweet tau sar piah is one of my favourite local snacks, because it can balance the sweet and salty elements, something that most Western desserts can't. Loong Fatt has a very good version of sweet tau sar piah, which they sell in small (~5 pcs) and big boxes (~10 pcs). For 60 cents, I think it's good value for money.

Loong Fatt puts in just enough sweet pastry filling. Although I wish they would put more, i won't say they are stingy. I'm more concerned about the pastry, which I prefer to be flakier than Loong Fatt's version. Theirs is quite oily and thick.

If you are very particular about your tau sar piah, take a walk down the block where Loong Fatt is located and try all the different shops (there are more than 3, I believe) and choose the best for yourself.

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