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Snacks & Confectionery X xinty July 04, 2012 477
Brings back the memories
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I remembered having quite a few good tau sar piahs in my childhood. Back then when everything was so much cheaper and are handmade by uncles and aunties through their years of skill and expertise instead of being churned out by machines. Hence, it was a joy to try the Loong Fatt's tau sar piahs, and instinctively feel the difference compared to other tau sar piahs availalble today.

For one, the exterior of each pastry is well roasted such that the dough becomes hard and delectably crunchy, not to mention brittle. Whilst the exteriors of conventionally made tau sar piahs nowadays are equally brittle, you can feel the softness when you pick up the big pieces of crumbs, very telling signs of inadequate preparations. Another point would be in the filling, which is the very essence of a tau sar piah. The burst of flavour for the salty version (the one version I tend to prefer more) is quicker and has a sweeter after taste as compared to conventionally made ones. Moreover, the filling is in a paste version instead of the powder form and has a tendency to stick on your teeth, but its a rare time where its well worth keeping some of it as aftertaste as it is really that good. Little wonder about the popularity of Loong Fatt once you take these factors into account.

A must try should you find yourself at Balestier Road!
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