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Snacks & Confectionery X xinty July 04, 2012 492
The work of the masters
(Updated: December 11, 2012)
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While the shop sells a variety of foods, the most notable would be the tau sar pia, which is basically red bean filled baked pastry that comes in sweet or salty variants of filling. The aroma of the magical pastry can be smelled a few shops before reaching loong fatt, and when you arrive at the entrance, the grand whiff of the delectable tau sar pia hits you.

I like both the sweet and salty variants, as the pastry is not too oily but nice and smooth, which blends with the moist fillings which is tasty yet not so rich or overpowering that it cuts off the taste of the pastry.

The shop has a nostalgic feel of the old bakeries, kind of like a walk through childhood. The excellent pastries come at a cheap price, so enjoy without worrying about burning a hole in your pocket.

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