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Lau Tan Tutu Kueh
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Back in the 1940’s, a group of immigrants from the same village carrying the surname "Tan" gathered original recipes to bring healthy, authentic and traditional snack named "TUTU" (which comes from the Hokkien term meaning push) into the streets of Singapore. Ingredients such as rice flour, sweet coconut and grounded peanut were meticulously hand made to retain its original flavor, even up till today.


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Chewy with lots of filling
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Every time I eat tutu kueh, I compare the taste and quality to that of Lau Tan's. That's how much of a good impression I have of the tutu kuehs Lau Tan sells. Here's what so good about them that I love:

Firstly, when steamed, the rice flour becomes firm and sturdy and it doesn't break apart while you're eating it, unlike some tutu kuehs that I've tried. It is very chewy; not flaky and powdery. Secondly, they are very generous with the fillings. Whether it is the peanut, coconut or chocolate filling, they consistently give generous amounts of filling, making it a mouthful of goodness. Thirdly, as mentioned, they offer chocolate as a filling. Many stalls that sell tutu kuehs only offer coconut and peanut as fillings but Lau Tan offers chocolate as well. Huge bits of chocolate drops are placed in the middle of the rice flour and after being steamed, it becomes a melted chocolatey goodness. If you like, you can also order the tutu kuehs plain - with no filling!

Lau Tan's tutu kuehs cost slightly more than what the typical tutu keuh stalls offer but for the superb quality and taste, I think its worth every penny. From my experience at Ion's branch, if there is an existing queue, be prepared to have to wait quite a while for your tutu kuehs to be ready. That's because most people usually order quite a lot at a go and steaming the kuehs take some time. However, you can always make your order and then come back later to collect your tutu kuehs.

It's difficult to find traditional snacks that retain the good quality and taste of old times and Lau Tan has managed to do just that.

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