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Snacks & Confectionery A averlynn-lim December 29, 2012 440
Chocolate truffles
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I am sure Godiva isn't a foreign brand to most of us. It is a Belgium company specializing in luxury chocolates and I love their range of chocolate truffles, especially the matcha flavored one (!!!). They carry a huge range of gift chocolates and will make a good gift choice for anyone who loves chocolates. Depending on the season, they will also carry limited seasonal collections and even wedding collections. If you are unsure of what to buy, the staff there are usually friendly enough to help you out.

I love ANYTHING matcha and of course, the truffles are no exception. The matcha milk truffle pieces are sold for $14.00 for 5 pieces. It is expensive but it is exclusive and a real treat! The truffles are packaged individually, wrapped like candy so it's convenient to have it on-the-go. The matcha is slightly bitter and goes well with the rich and intense milk chocolate. The chocolate is smooth to the palate as well. I still love my Toblerone and Cadbury but whenever I am craving matcha chocolate truffles, this is the place I go to because I cannot get it anywhere else other than here. I highly recommend this place if you love high quality and exquisite truffles because trust me, you won't be able to taste anything as fine as this anywhere else.

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