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Whenever I walk past Famous Amos, the aroma always flow into my nasal passage and send a message to my brain, which is telling me to buy some before leaving. I heed the advice and walk to the counter with my friends. The service crews are polite and waited patiently for my order. I've chosen chocolate with macadamia nuts. When I receive my cookies, I can feel it is still slightly warm, this is how fresh the cookies are. The crunch from the cookies and the taste of chocolate makes me so happy. I can't tell the texture of the nuts as the bits are quite small and disappear quickly inside my mouth.

After three pieces, I got sick of it and stopped eating it. Probably I felt too heaty while having the cookies and I don't wish to get a sore throat from my indulgence. If the cookies are less sweetened, I will be able to pop in more pieces into my mouth. Overall, it is definitely worthy to buy a packet of 100g and share it among friends. If only the price can be lowered then everything will be perfect.

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Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts
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