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Snacks & Confectionery A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 1917
Great taste, great smell
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Every time I pass by Famous Amos, I cannot help but feel lured by its aromatic scent of freshly baked cookies (there is ALWAYS this smell!), that they even label their ovens with a sign "free smells", clearly a good ploy to "seduce" people into purchasing their cookies. If you give in to temptation, there are no regrets, however, as the cookies taste just as good as they smell (or even better). On top of the wide variety they offer you, all their cookies are simply to-die-for. Every flavor gives you a whole different experience that yet leaves you with the same lasting and satisfying impression. Their cookies are so perfectly baked that they are crunchy yet melt-in-the-mouth.

If you get the chocolate chips, they taste like high-quality ingredients and certainly makes you feel like your money was worth the "top grade" chocolate. If you get the one with macadamias, you will find its crunchiness perfectly complimenting the excellent cookie.

Overall, Famous Amos has the best cookies ever.
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