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Snacks & Confectionery A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 1298
Gooey and delicious!
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Famous Amos 's baked goodies are just one of my favourites ! Be it their cookies, their muffins and their brownies, oh my gosh, they are all such a delight! I have no idea what they did to the batter but to me, their baked goodies have this distinctive taste that totally differs from the others. It almost seem as though that they are ''branded products". I mean not only they taste excellent, they are actually quite pricey and for that, I usually get the smallest pack which is at 100g and it costs me around $5 ? Nevertheless, I think its worth every penny!

The usual choices for me would normally be the Chocolate Chip and Pecan Bite-Size Cookies as well as the Rocky Road Chocolate Muffin or Chocolate Chip Brownie with Macadamia Nut. The Chocolate Chip and Pecan bite-sized cookies are just simply rich and sweet. Oh, and yes, definitely, crunchy! The Rocky Road Chocolate Muffin is basically a huge chocolaty muffin with toasted walnuts as toppings and they are so moist ! It is rather filling, so I guess its best if you share it with someone because you won't be able to finish it by yourself. Last but not least, the Chocolate Chip Brownie with Macadamia Nut, a little clingy on the tongue, suitable for all the chocolate lovers out there. Rich with chocolate, you can literally feel the chocolate melt in your mouth and the Macadamia Nuts add the perfect crunch to the brownies with every bite. Simply, scrumptious in satisfying your sweet tooth! A must try !

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