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Snacks & Confectionery A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 1295
Perfect macadamia and choco blend
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Famous Amos were the first fresh baked cookies that i purchased many years ago. Till now, the whiff of fresh baked cookies still overwhelmed me everytime i passed by the outlet at Jurong Point and i cannot stop myself from getting some to go.

My personal favourites are those with Macadamia nuts as i find that the choc taste blends very nicely with the Macadamia nuts. The freshness of the cookies is probably the best selling point of this brand. Although i can get Famous Amos from supermarkets, my perception is that those are simply factory made and have tons of preservatives in them. But buying them right of the oven, well that is a totally "fresh" experience.

The service staff at the branch is also great and often provided friendly service with great smiles on their faces. In terms of the value, well, i do wish that it was cheaper but for the occasional indulgence, the price is still worth it.

But i think one thing to note is that as i get older, my taste buds has start to change and the sweetness of the cookies seems to be getting too strong for me and the kilos are building up. But again for the occasional indulgence, well, what's a few more kilometres of running for the great taste of famous amos :)
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