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Everytime I walk past a famous amos outlet, the sweet toasty scent of freshly baked cookies wafts up my nose and really ignites my senses. I rarely know anybody who can resist the magical smell of these delicious little treats!

Famous amos cookies are something I would buy to treat myself after overcoming an examination or something of that sort. It has that kind of comforting or rewarding effect on me every time I eat it. Thus although I know it is much more expensive than regular cookies, I am totally willing to pay that price for the feeling of a reward. Also, for 100g you get about 7 or 8 cookies and the small amount makes it seem even more special and I savour every single one. Even though the amount is so little, I am still willing to share with my friends as well because it tastes so good I have to let them try it too.

The cookies have a very unique sandy texture, yet it does not crumble down easily. You still get the satisfaction of the crunch, yet it also easily melts in your mouth. It is not a taste that is easily described and the best way to understand is to try it yourself! My favourite is always the no nut chocolate chip, a definite must try for all cookie lovers!

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No nut Choco Chip
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