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Snacks & Confectionery A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 1181
Me love me cookies
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We all know their iconic smell. The tendrils of the scent of freshly baked, chocolate chip cookies waft into your nostrils and wrap around you, pulling your helpless, salivating, body towards their store. Just me?

I jokingly refer to Famous Amos cookies as ‘atas’ cookies among my friends, because boy, are they expensive. I usually end up at Subway whenever I need a strong dose of cookies, but Subway’s soft cookies are no replacement for Famous Amos’s crunchy, crumbly cookies. If my cravings hit on days when I feel particularly rich, a.k.a at the start of my allowance, I’d usually get 100g of Chocolate Chip and Pecan - the nuts just add to the crunchy goodness.

Instead of Chips Ahoy, I usually get Famous Amos in NTUCs too. Though not freshly baked, it still tastes as good, and is definitely a worthy substitute nonetheless!
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