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Snacks & Confectionery A alleys-scavenger April 16, 2012 1917
lovely but very heath cookies and brownies
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Lovely cookies and brownies are sold at Famous Amos. The brownies are customizable, and they make unique replacements for birthday cakes.

My usual pack of freshly baked cookies would be a mix of macadamia chocolate chip cookies and macadamia white chocolate chip cookies. Although I am rarely able to tell the difference between both flavours after the mixture, since the cookie and macadamia taste covers the chocolate taste, but the feeling of having the mixture makes me feel satisfied of eating both chocolate flavours.

My friends gave me a brownie, replacing the cake, for one of my birthdays. They drew a cute face, using sweetened cream, on it. It was an interesting and memorable birthday cake, and we all enjoyed the brownie for desert too.

The cookies and brownies are quite sweet, and are not suited for those who are not fans of sweet snacks. They are rather heaty as well, and it is advisable to drink lots of cooling water after eating them. At the various Famous Amos outlets, there is rarely a queue, perhaps due to the price of the items as they are a little expensive. And I will only treat myself to this snack, once awhile, treating it like comfort food for some unhappiness that has happened.

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