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(Updated: March 25, 2014)
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Famous Amos cookies are one of the best out there. They're crunchy, they have an delicious aroma, and boy do they taste good. Take one bite and you'll find it difficult to stop your hands from taking another, and another, and another. My personal favourite is No Nut Chocolate Chip.

People who prefer chewy cookies might not fancy the crunchy Famous Amos cookies, but they are still worth a try - you might just change your mind about what you prefer! One downside is the price of the cookies, but if you make a trip down to Malaysia, you'll find that the price is almost halved as compared to Singapore.

Also, this may shock you, but from what I heard, the distinct Famous Amos smell you never miss out whenever you pass by a store is actually a marketing gimmick. The aroma is deliberately made so strong to attract customers. It sure has worked!

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